My work as a psychotherapist is a central and deeply valued part of my professional life, and I have a limited number of openings available, mostly via skype. In my 25 years as a psychotherapist, I’ve evolved an approach designed for clients who seek greater intimacy and a deeper sense of meaning in their lives. I believe that everyone has unique core gifts; our places of deepest passion and sensitivity. These gifts are the key to greater life-satisfaction, but they are also the places where we can be hurt the most deeply. I work with clients to name and understand their own gifts, to extricate these gifts from the wounds that keep them buried, and to learn to express them with bravery, generosity, and discrimination in their lives.

I work with individuals, groups and couples, often utilizing EMDR. I have lectured extensively, trained and supervised many psychotherapists, and I’ve led hundreds of workshops on intimacy and personal growth. My work has been featured in O Magazine, the New York Times, and in other media.

Contact me by email or call me at (212) 420-0394 to discuss psychotherapy. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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