The Book

Ken’s upcoming book, Deeper Dating will be published by Shambhala Publications in 2014.

Would you be willing to share your story with his audience?

In Ken’s words:

“At the heart of the most powerful books are stories which touch our hearts. These stories often rise up inside us when we least expect it, gently prodding us to choose a braver, more loving path. Sometimes, a moment like that can change the weave of our entire future.

What stories about finding love have touched you deeply? Whether they are your own or another’s; whether they led to a relationship or a personal epiphany, I’d love for you to share them with me.

I’m in the exciting process of curating stories for my book, my blog and my talks. I can’t promise which stories I’ll use, and in which venues, but the chances are good that your story will ripple out into the lives of many people who need to hear it.

Your story can be just a paragraph long, or a few pages in length. I’ll change the identifying details of your story (or stories) to make you unrecognizable, or I’ll use your real name—whichever you prefer. I’ll clear all final copy with you, and I won’t include your story anywhere without your permission. I’m a therapist after all, and I’m stone-cold serious about confidentiality.

Everyone who sends me a contribution will receive my deep gratitude, the pleasure of having your own story help others, and an invitation to a free two-session webinar dedicated to my contributors, entitled Finding Your Personal Path to Wisdom in Love. This webinar is for anyone seeking deeper love, whether coupled or single.

Here are some of the general themes I’m looking for, but don’t let them limit you:

  • Any story that has instructed/inspired you in your own search for love. It doesn’t have to be your story and it doesnt have to end with “happily ever after!”

  • A story about bravely revealing something about yourself in a dating situation or relationship.

  • A story of finding love in the face of personal challenges (e.g. a disability, illness or extraordinary challenge, being older, having been alone for a long time, etc) 

  • A relationship where the initial sexual attraction wasn’t immediately strong, but grew because of a deep connection.

  • A story of finding the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship (an attraction of deprivation.)

  • A story of finding a healing, healthy love (an attraction of inspiration)

  • A story where two people met each other, fell in love, or got over intimacy hurdles through the help of others.

  • A story of finding someone attractive, kind and available—and simply wanting to flee (The Wave)

Here’s where to send it:

or, if you don’t need anonymity, you can share it right on my Facebook page, where it will have immediate impact:

Thank you all so much!”